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Sweet Collection: "My Sweet Bae" Beauty Box

The Natural Root

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Sweet Collection: "My Sweet Bae" Beauty Box

The Natural Root now brings you "The Sweet Collection." A product system that puts #HealthB4Beauty!

My Sweet Bae Beauty Box Includes:

(1) 8oz 2-N-1 Sweet Honey Deep Conditioner
(1) 8oz TNR Gourmet Creamy Shea Butter of your choice
(1) .5oz Liquid Love bottle applicator.
  • ALL Eight specialty Gourmet Shea Butter formula's in our 8oz convenient jars to choose from.
  • Original Sweet Honey 2N1 Conditioner contains vitamins, minerals and acts as a humectant to attract moisture and nourish, which allows the hair to stop shedding and breakage, but adds elasticity.
  • Liquid Love comes in a roll on applicator, made with the best essential and natural oils to control sensitive and itchy scalp, to promote growth at the hairline. Use also on lips for moisture.