Sweet Honey 2N1 Deep Conditioner

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The Honey contains vitamins, minerals and acts as a humectant to attract moisture. It also nourishes, which allows the hair to stop shedding/breakage and adds elasticity. The Coconut Oil in our formula penetrates the hair shaft making the hair soft and prevents frizz. The Avocado Oil is used to promote hair growth and protein to damaged and brittle hair; also adds shine and acts as a moisture sealant. Lastly, the Olive Oil prevents split ends, head lice and can be used to detangle hair. Your Hair will love you after each use!
  • Original Sweet Honey 2-N-1 Conditioner can be used in multiple ways. Directions for use and storage are provided on the jar.
  • For external use on the hair that will leave your hair soft, elongated, nourished and enriched.
  • Safe on all hair types.